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How does LanguageMate work

Our sophisticated Web App integrates your target language with your native language.

So you can learn vocabulary from content you are already reading!

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Our method works by inserting words from your target language into your native language.

The context surrounding the words is a great indicator of what the words mean.

And if you can't understand a word, you can click for a quick translation!

Now it's up to you!

Find a news article you want to read and enjoy learning a new language today!

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LanguageMate's creative memorisation technique is perhaps the best way to overcome memory problems whilst learning a language.

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LanguageMate is great in the way that it introduces vocabulary! It helps you figure out what the words are from the context.

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LanguageMate reduces the time you need to waste learning vocabulary.

That means more time for activities you enjoy!

But we also increase your rate of vocabulary growth.

And what is better is that our core technique has been scientifically proven to be more effective than traditional techniques!

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