Unlock Netflix shows with German Audio with 4 simple steps

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    In this article, I will show you how you can watch Netflix shows with German audio.

    How to get Netflix Shows with German audio
    How to get German Audio and German Subtitles on Netflix?

    How to get Netflix shows with German Audio:

    Step 1: Click on your profile in the top right

    Open Settings with your profile icon
    Select your profile

    Step 2: Select ‘Account’

    Select Account in Settings
    Click on Account

    Step 3: Find ‘Language’ and select ‘Change’

    Select Change Language
    Click on Change

    Step 4: Choose ‘German’

    Choose Deutsch to get set your Netflix account up in German
    Choose Deutsch

    Step 5: You’re done!

    Now your Netflix account should be in German. You should be able to watch Netflix shows with German Audio.

    Now go ahead, find a new series or film on Netflix. Then to watch the show with German audio, just click the ‘Audio’ button and choose ‘Deutsch’!

    Select German Audio and German Subtitles
    Now you can watch Netflix shows with German Audio


    You still can’t access shows on German Netflix

    This is the most annoying thing as a language learner.

    Your German friends tell you about a great show on German Netflix, but when you go to look, you can’t find it.

    An example:

    I know ‘Stromberg – Der Film‘ is on German Netflix, as it is listed on Search Engines:

    Stromberg is listed here on German Netflix
    Stromberg is clearly listed on German Netflix

    But then when I go onto my Netflix account and search, I only get suggestions:
    (I have already set up German Netflix settings, hence the German title)

    Stromberg is only available on German Netflix, so I get a suggestion when I search for Stromberg.
    Stromberg is not available in the UK


    The reason why you cannot access all films and series on your account is due to how Netflix sources its content. Netflix must licence its content from studios. The specific deal agreed upon dictates in which countries Netflix can offer a show. That’s why someone in Germany may have access to different shows than you.

    The bad news is that these shows are unavailable and will remain unavailable regardless of what you do. Unless you pay for a VPN tool to change the country you are watching in.

    The good news is that Netflix are making more Originals, so they can offer them in a wider array of countries. For example, our list of German Series on Netflix contains a lot of German Netflix Originals for this reason.

    Some shows don’t have German Audio in your country

    Sometimes even if you follow the steps above, you will not be able to access the German audio for a show.

    Netflix again has to licence the German audio and subtitles. This is done per licensed per country based on demand for that language.

    Once again, with increased production of Originals, this will gradually disappear as an issue and the VPN solution will also work. To find shows that definitely have German audio, search for Netflix Originals or try our list of suggested German series on Netflix.


    So we have walked you through how to change your language preferences on your Netflix account, which means you can now easily learn German whilst relaxing. Watching Netflix shows with German audio turned on is a great way to improve your listening ability as you will start to understand how German words sound.

    Essentially, you will become more familiar with German pronunciation, which will help you follow German conversations.

    For more tips about how to learn German more effectively check out our other posts and make sure you subscribe to our blog!

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