4 easy German songs guaranteed to help you learn

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    How long do you spend in your car each day? Or travelling by train to work?
    Start learning throughout your day by building a playlist of German songs for beginners!

    (Don’t worry if you are locked down, there is still plenty of time to listen to German music!)

    Why should I build a German Music playlist?

    The idea here is for you to start with a few songs, and then gradually add new songs to your playlist that you enjoy listening to. The more songs you have, the better the suggestions will get

    The best thing about this is that Spotify will play songs it thinks you will enjoy. So start today and soon you will have a 100+ song long playlist that you love 🀟

    I have done this to build a 6 hour+ long playlist. Naturally, I named it ‘Deutsch‘ and I listen to it every time I travel go to Germany πŸ˜‚

    Watching German TV shows is a perfect complement to a German Music Playlist so be sure to check out our German Series on Netflix recommendations! We complied 11 of the most addictive TV shows so you can focus on learning vocabulary.

    How do I get Spotify to suggest new German Music for me?

    You can easily get started listening today by following the steps below.

    I am going to talk you through how to build a playlist on Spotify and then use this playlist to suggest you new German songs. so that you don’t have to search for them!

    Firstly, if you know how to get song recommendations from Spotify, just jump to the songs we suggest starting with!

    Ok, so right-click (or click the three dots if you are on mobile) on one of the German songs below, and click “Add to playlist”.

    From there, select “New Playlist”. Name it whatever you want!

    Build your new playlist and name it "German songs for beginners"
    Create your own ‘German Songs for Beginners‘ Playlist

    After that, right-click (or click the three dots if you are on mobile) on the song in your new playlist, and click Then if you are on Spotify, click the “Go to Radio” button. If you are using Apple Music, then here are some suggestions on how to get Apple to suggest new music.

    Get Spotify Suggestions

    To get you started, add one of these German songs below to your playlist. And then start growing your playlist

    The best part is that you can choose German songs that suit your stage, whether you are a complete beginner or not!

    When you hear a song you like, just add it to your playlist in the same way!

    The best German songs for beginners to start with!

    1) Welt der Wunder β€” Materia

    Welt der Wunder is in our list of good German songs for beginners as it has a relatively slow beat. But also because it is a great song in general.

    Materia describes die Erde (Earth) and raps about how lucky we are to be on a blue planet revolving around a ball of fire!
    Each time you listen to it, you will be able to pick up some more of the song and you will add to your vocabulary!

    2) V.I.P. β€” Kay One

    Although I doubt it was Kay One’s intention, he has made a German song that can also help you learn Spanish. All within just over 4 minutes of pop music.

    So you should definitely check this one out! Kay One has lots of other German songs which are suitable for beginners.

    Get those subtitles on and learn some German (& Spanish)!🎢

    3) Holz β€” 257ers

    3rd in our list of German songs for beginners is the 257ers. They have dedicated this whole song to singing about Holz (Wood). They replicate a teleshopping channel and demonstrate all of the amazing properties a chunk of Holz has!

    They even manage to cook an Ei 🍳 without burning their Holz.

    Watch the video to see how!πŸ“Ί

    4) Lieblingsmensch β€” Namika

    This is a chill song with a repetitive and catchy chorus which is guaranteed to grow your vocabulary.

    She also pronounces her lyrics really clearly which is a huge help to us beginners πŸ™Œ!


    You should be able to turn wasted time into an opportunity to improve your listening ability. Another great way is to watch German series on Netflix, which you can easily get started with using our guide.

    Thank you for reading! Good luck in adding new German songs to your playlist.

    What great German songs for beginners do you know? Which ones are going to make it into your Deutsch Playlist?

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